Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whats Hot, Whats Not --Back to school shoe edition

Imitation TOMS, Nuff said

What is up with this hideous flats being converted to heels style?

This looks like my brothers special occasion shoes dyed red with cutouts

These look like those shoes you see those incredibly unfashionable business women wear on the Q Train    

I was checking up on my daily blog reads and came across a hideous spread on Usually, I love their style and the way they do their spreads, but this article on the latest back to school shoe trends is horrendous. The article inspired me to post my own "Whats hot whats not" on back to school shoes. Here are some of the cutest and ugliest shoe trends that I have seen so far.

Whats Hot:
Which girl doesn't want to add a little flair to 
 her jeans and T shirt?

Such cute Riding-boot-esque styled boots

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