Sunday, August 8, 2010

Going MAD for QVC

Janie Bryant, costume designer for 1960’s set, fashion forward show, Mad Men is launching her own collection for QVC. She is following in the footsteps of Rachel Zoe, Isaac Mizrahi, Erin Fetherston, among many other recognizable designers. The collection will appear on QVC on September 29th and is called “Mod by Janie Bryant”. But don’t fret just yet! Select items from the line will be available on the QVC website next month. The collection contains 20 pieces, as well as handbags and accessories, and iis based on animal prints (which if it is not done right can be extremely tacky) with silhouettes based on the1950’s and 60’s. Duh! Wouldn’t you think that (A) because it’s called Mod by Janie Bryant that the collection is based on the Mod period? and (B) She’s the Mad Men costume designer, so why would we think that she would get away from that when the costumes on the show are doing so well?
All apparel and accessories are priced anywhere from $26-$138.
Janie Bryant revealed a little info about her spring collection, it’s all about the lace, eyelet and fresh colors. I think that lace will be out by next summer and that those are classic summer concepts, why not think up something new? what are your thoughts?

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