Sunday, December 26, 2010

Easy guide to finding an internship

Personally, I find the internship finding process to be fun, although to others it can be insanely stressful. I love the "hunt", but for those of you that dont, here are a few tips on finding an internship.
The best place to start researching is the Teen Vogue Handbook. It's a guide on how to begin your career in the fashion industry, and helps with preparation for such a profession. 
There are also many sources for internships online. 
My top 3 are:

In addition to these, I suggest making a twitter and following all your favorite companies. It may seem strange that a company would look for an intern off twitter, but its the reality!
I found an internship off of twitter because I followed my favorite store. 
Also check on the companies websites for an intern coordinator. 
My final tip is: if you want to work for a magazine, and have a favorite editor, email the editor personally, (and professionally!) and you never know where you will end up. I suggest not emailing Anna_Wintour@condenast,.com, as it will automatically become spam.
Or find out who the editors assistant is. As long as you remain professional, you have nothing to lose. 

Good Luck!
(Next week will be about how to write a professional email)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eva Chen loves Bendels

Hey ya'll, 

I am trying to get used to this blogging thing. Since I last blogged... I guess in October? I have become a gift wrapper at Bendels. At LIM we need to work a retail position, so I chose Bendels, and I absolutely love it. Getting to see the new merchandise every day and helping customers in any way possible makes my day!
Which I guess is a good thing if I ever really want to work in retail.
When I finally hooked my internet up on Saturday night I found out that Eva Chen (Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue/future boss) went to Bendel's and even took a picture of the gift wrapping station! She commented on how organized it was, and I am super upset that I was not working on that day as I would have completely freaked had I seen her, well I guess it's better that I didnt see her then! 
(Unfortunately I cannot include the image as it's from twitpics and is too sophisticated for it)