Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eva Chen loves Bendels

Hey ya'll, 

I am trying to get used to this blogging thing. Since I last blogged... I guess in October? I have become a gift wrapper at Bendels. At LIM we need to work a retail position, so I chose Bendels, and I absolutely love it. Getting to see the new merchandise every day and helping customers in any way possible makes my day!
Which I guess is a good thing if I ever really want to work in retail.
When I finally hooked my internet up on Saturday night I found out that Eva Chen (Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue/future boss) went to Bendel's and even took a picture of the gift wrapping station! She commented on how organized it was, and I am super upset that I was not working on that day as I would have completely freaked had I seen her, well I guess it's better that I didnt see her then! 
(Unfortunately I cannot include the image as it's from twitpics and is too sophisticated for it)

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